Debugging Octokit Source in your app

As of version 0.6, Octokit supports symbol debugging - this enables you to step into the Octokit source without having the repository on your local machine.

Enable Symbol Debugging

To enable this, you need to enable this in VS:

  • From the top Tools menu, select Options
  • Select Debugging from the left sidebar and expand General

Ensure you have checked Enable source server support:

Enable source server support

How does this actually work?

When you hit a breakpoint in your application, you can step into the Octokit source code using F11. This will retrieve the source file associated with a specific type, and cache it in your local symbols cache.

F11 step into symbol

You can then set subsequent breakpoints inside the source code, to return to in the debugging session.


Thanks to Cameron Taggart for building the SourceLink framework which we use to support this behaviour.